九月 23

CCDF-4 入選提案介紹 CCDF-4 Projects #11-20

今年CCDF共有20組入選提案,20組提案者將於9月25-27日參與三天培訓工作坊,並於9月28日、29日參與兩天的正式提案會。以下依照正式上台順序排列,為第11組─ 第20組提案介紹。

#11 入選提案

大路朝天 The Road

中國大陸 China

導演 Director: 張贊波 ZHANG Zan-bo

故事大綱 Synopsis


A highway under construction is cutting thouth a village. It’s a story between road workers and villagers. For the country’s development, they have no choice but to sacrifice themselves.

#12 入選提案

多少次散場,忘記了憂傷 Twist

中國大陸 China

導演 Director:梁邁 LIANG Mai

製片 Producer:戴年文 DAI Nian-wen

故事大綱 Synopsis


It’s a story about young people at the prime of their youth; about their often rousing or confused relationship to life, death, emotions, society, and the like; and about how they judge and choose their path. Amidst emotional turmoil, they struggle with loneliness. Expected personality traits are merely a disguise; when the mask comes off, this impulse-driven society can really kill someone!

 #13 入選提案

絲襪的秘密 The Secret Behind the Stockings

義大利 Italy

導演 Director:Nicola CONTINI

製片 Producer:Alessandro CARROLI

故事大綱 Synopsis


Emilia and Angiolo decided to travel the route followed by thousands of Chinese workers towards Italy in the opposite direction: they emigrated to China in order to make up for the bankruptcy of their family business in Tuscany. After having spent 8 years in the Far East and approaching their seventies, Mr. and Mrs. Fattori have another choice to make, in contrast with their son and daughters: where should they build the future of their family?

#14 入選提案

醃製 Preserves

台灣 Taiwan

導演 Director:謝明洋 Norbert SHIEH

製片 Producer:金基鎭 KIM Ki-jin

故事大綱 Synopsis


PRESERVES observes agriculture’s effects on individuals in Taiwan through the process of growing and harvesting suan cai over the course of one season. The film reveals a disappearing lifestyle and landscape through intimate vignettes that emerge from lives that revolve around the industry. As this nomadic crop meets further difficulties of emerging farming and land regulations, the uncertainty of future seasons quickly and inevitably becomes clear to those involved in its production.


#15 DOCDOC推薦

有一艘船 The Boats

台灣 Taiwan

導演、製片 Director, Producer:蔡一峰 TSAI Yi-feng

故事大綱 Synopsis



Xiaoliuqiu, an island off of Taiwan’s southern tip. 80% of the residents depend on the ocean for their livelihood.
Almost every household owns a boat, or an intimate relationship with a boat.

Zhi-ming’s father’s boat was seized and confiscated overseas. The family suddenly fell into economic difficulty. The father had no choice but to retire early and return home to find job and care for his grandchildren. To comfort his father, Zhi-ming wants to craft a miniature fishing boat as a present. Meanwhile, Zhi-ming’s younger brother, Zhi-mao, who wants to venture into the fishing industry, also returns home to investigate what happened. He talks to many fishing boat captains in Xiaoliuqiu and learns that what happened to his father is a common experience for almost all fishermen from the island. If a boat has been seized and confiscated, the fishermen would say the boat has been “taken away". A boat usually worths millions of Taiwanese dollars; once it’s seized and confiscated, the fishermen would be left with nothing. Some captains hustle to recover the loss, but for Zhi-ming’s father, the reality of once having a boat has sunk and been buried at the bottom of his memories.

#16 入選提案

消失的檔案 Vanished Archives

香港 Hong Kong

導演 Director:羅恩惠 Connie Yan-wai LO

拍攝顧問 Consultant:葉漢明 IP Hon-ming

故事大綱 Synopsis

香港 1967 年的暴動,被視為香港歷史的分水嶺。然而,涉事的三方(中國、英國、香港)卻對此事諱莫如深,都不願意舊事重提。最可怕的在於各方都不願好好總結經驗教訓,使導致暴動的各種政治壓力,現在正在明顯地積聚起來。前車可鑑,今日的香港還能再迴避歷史問題嗎?

The Hong Kong 1967 Leftist Riots is considered as a historical watershed for Hong Kong. However, the three parties (China, Britain and Hong Kong) have remained so silent and reluctant to revisit this historical episode. As all three parties are unwilling to face the lessons from history and as we can see that lots of political frustrations and pressures are adding up lately in our community, can Hong Kong hide away from these historical questions any longer?


#17 入選提案

尋找阿爸 Searching for My Father

台灣 Taiwan

導演 Director:陳婉真Kite CHEN

故事大綱 Synopsis


The story of a daughter’s virtual dialogue with her deceased father.

#18 入選提案

詩之一生 A Lifetime Poem 

中國大陸 China

導演 Directo:康世偉 Ben KANG

製片 Producer:王鑫 WANG Xin

故事大綱 Synopsis


Sonam Darge has loved writing poetry since he was a child. He often imagines himself as the reincarnation of Tshangs-dbyangs-rgya-mtsho (also known as Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dalai Lama) and wants to publish his own book of poetry. But then his younger brother passes away, and he gets rejected by the publisher. When religion fails to provide him with a sufficient sense of belonging, does this Lama – a romantic poet – overcome his sense of inferiority with wisdom, and find the ability to seek out his soul within the world of poetry?

#19 入選提案

搖滾在二十、四十、六十歲 Rock On, 20 40 60

中國大陸 China

導演 Director:侯祖辛 HOU Zu-xin

製片 Producer:劉斌 LIU Bin

故事大綱 Synopsis


Sixty-year-old HOU Mu-ren is one of China’s first generation of rockers. After suffering a stroke in 2009, he lost the ability to speak for a time but not his passion for rock and roll.

Forty-year-old GAO Hu is the lead vocalist of Miserable Faith, a hardcore metalband from Beijing. After fame and success, he grabs his new album and begins his dreamed journey to Tibet.

Twenty-year-old LIANG Bo is the fresh-faced 2012 winner of The Voice of China. He is currently working on his highly anticipated debut album amidst intense media scrutiny.Rock guides them and gives them strength, regardless of age.

#20 大愛電視台推薦

那個靜默的陽光午後 The Silent Teacher

台灣 Taiwan

導演 Director:陳志漢 Maso CHEN

製片 Producer:吳郁玟 WU Yu-wen

故事大綱 Synopsis

At the end of our lives, what do we leave the world? A corpse or a lesson to be studie


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