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好提案工作坊 ─ 參與夥伴 Participants of Good Pitch Squared



Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policy makers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues – to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society. We have selected 3 Chinese projects for pitching in Good Pitch Squared, including " BEYOND TOURETTE", " THE UNFORGETTABLE", " LOOK LOVE".

Each of the filmmaking teams has just 7 minutes to pitch their film and associated outreach campaign. Afterwards the moderator leads a feedback session from participants around the roundtable and from the floor. A good pitch will lead to new sources of funding, and access to mass membership, research and experts, archives and lobbying.


Good Pitch 主持人介紹 Moderator of  Good Pitch


Good Pitch 好提案 │ 英國 UK / 美國 USA

美國好提案推廣總監 Good Pitch Outreach Director, The United States

好提案2策略顧問 Good Pitch² strategist

Beadie FINZI

BRITDOC 基金會 BRITDOC Foundation │ 美國 USA

總監 Director


參與好提案的合作夥伴介紹 Introduction to Good Pitch participants 
  • 台灣 Taiwan

李偉文 LEE Wei-wen


Dentist, Author, and Environmental volunteer


LEE Wei-wen lives a motto “Life is a playground” and wishes to gain compassion and wisdom. Wisdom can be obtained through readying, compassion can be achieved through philanthropy, therefore his life priority are reading, friends, and nature. He believes image are with strong social impact so used to serve as board members in PTS and CTS. He is also a best-selling author on parenting and environmental education.

嚴德芬 Gennie YEN


Founder, CSROne.net


This CSR reporting platform is supported by CSR department of Veda International (www.veda.com.tw). It provides information and interaction opportunities about CSR and business sustainability development. Its functions include CSR/sustainability Reports which published in Taiwan, CSR news, CSR activities as well as a database of CSR terminologies. With the platform, we wish to help improving CSR professional knowledge and know how in Taiwan and serve as an effective communication channel with international organizations and individuals who concern and esteem CSR and sustainability as a key factor of business development.

陳嬿任 CHEN Yan-ren


學生心理諮商與輔導中心 諮商心理師

Counseling Psychologist, Student Psychological Counseling & Guidance Center, National Changhua University of Education


Student Psychological Counseling & Guidance Center at NCUE was founded to safeguard and improve the mental health status of students.The center offers students services to help them enhance their ability in coping and problem-solving, and learn to explore their potential in building a better and meaningful life.Tourette group is her focus.

王桂花 Doris Wang


Editor-in-chief, PsyGarden Publishing Company


The PsyGarden Publishing Company aims to create a borderless, humanistic community of lifelong learning by propagating knowledge and information that promote body-mind-spirit wellness. We provide publications, talks, group activities for personal growth, advanced trainings, and opportunities for networking in the pursuit of sound, rapid and holistic learning towards an ever-ascending quality of life.


The Association of Taiwan Clinical Psychologists (ATCP)

代表 Representitives: 蘇淑貞 SU Shu-chen  王鵬智WANG Peng-chi


The Association of Taiwan Clinical Psychologists (ATCP) was established on August 6th, 2005.The goals of Association of Taiwan Clinical Psychologists are to 1. Improve professionalism of clinical psychologists, 2. Assist social welfare and government policies, 3. Ensure the rights of all members, and 4. Increase mutual benefits.

許毓仁 Jason Hsu

TEDx Taipei策展人

Curator, TEDx Taipei

一個找故事,說故事的人,六年級後段班,喜好文學、電影,大學主修英文和新聞,遊走於跨界領域。2008年創辦 “The Big Question Conference”, 鼓勵年輕人– 問對的問題,走自己的路。許毓仁是TEDx Taipei的共同創辦人之一, 他希望透過長期深耕的方式來持續經營華人文創平台, 期待下一個十年是華人分享智慧,創造改變的年代。Jason Hsu is born in late 1970s, a storyteller and a dreamer that likes to challenge status quo and crossover. Founded “The Big Question Conference” in 2008, and being the Co-founder of TEDx Taipei.Jason also serves as TEDxAmbassador Asia helping facilitate, advise and grow TEDx program in the region.

蕭秀玲 HSIAO Hsiu-ling


Executive Director, Pearl S. Buck Foundation


On par with Pearl Buck’s compassion towards children in need, the purpose of the organization is to help Taiwanese families, which are built on inter-racial marriages, to transcend cultural differences and to resolve family conflicts. Hence, spouses of foreign ethnicity can become accustomed to living inTaiwan, establish benevolent relationships in marriages and subsequently foster a cultivating environment for their children.

李玉華 LEE Yu-hwa

目宿媒體 / 行人文化實驗室

Flaneur Culture Lab

楊棟樑 Dylan YANG


Manager, Marketing Department, Da Ai Television, Tzu Chi Culture and Communication Foundation


Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of “bearing witness to the power of compassion" and “deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity" when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world.

We know that the path we choose to take is a long and arduous one, but we hope to set an example for others to see that programming with wholesome contents of love and kindness will always be affirmed by viewers, and we sincerely hope to inspire more other stations to join the ranks of making a better world for all.

林樂群 LIN Leh-chyun


Director of International Dept., Chief of Documentary Platform, Public Television Service Foundation, Taiwan


Founded in 1998, Public Television Service (PTS) Foundation is Taiwan’s only public broadcasting operation. PTS’s mission is to provide diverse, high quality program content unseen on commercial TV and to display the diversity and creativity of Taiwanese culture free from commercial and political influence.

曹琬凌 Selena TSAO


Consultant, Business Weekly


Founded in 1987, Business Weekly is at the forefront of business publications that help Taiwanese and Chinese businesspeople understand changes in world economics. BW is the leader among its peer competitors and has earned numerous awards over the years. Since 1995, by producing the documentary series ONE TAIWAN, TWO WORLDS, BW has actively uncovered different social issues in different formats and on multiple platforms. SOCK’N ROLL is the first signature documentary theatrically released in 2013.


康家豪 Joel KANG


Founder, Tourettes Dreaming Group


Organized by a group of Tourettes, we hope to change people’s attitude to Tourette. We initiate group therapy, trainings and workshops around Taiwan in wish to promote communication among difference social sectors, thus to build a friendly environment for Tourettes.


Taiwan Counseling Psychology Association


The Association aspires to advance the development and innovation of Counseling Psychology profession in Taiwan and to respond to the growing demands of counselor training and licensure examination. We hope to take the leadership of Counseling Psychology profession and provide the platform for counseling psychology professionals to collaborate with each other. The Association aims to promote the development of Counseling Psychology scholarship and clinical practice, as well as to enhance the mental health wellness in Taiwan.

張盛忠 Vincent CHANG

Marketing Vice President

邱明慧 Hemingway CHIU

Marketing Senior Vice President

Founded in March 2003, CTBC Venture Capital was CTBC Holding’s first foray into the venture capital market. It invests mainly in information technology, communications, biotechnology, medical and health care, and alternative energy and energy-saving ventures, as well as companies in traditional industries that have performed reasonably well and shown great potential to grow further.


Director of American Cultural Center

American Institute in Taiwan


Ryan Roberts has served as the Cultural Affairs Officer at the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) since June 2011. He concurrently serves as Director of AIT’s American Cultural Center. In this capacity, he oversees efforts to strengthen ties between educational and cultural institutions in Taiwan and the United States, and to promote U.S. interests through outreach to the general public.

Mr. Roberts has been a career member of the United States Foreign Service since 2004. From 2004-2007 he was posted at the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, China. From 2007 – 2010 he was Chief of the Public Affairs Section and Spokesperson at the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia. Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Ryan worked as a human resources consultant in Houston, Texas. Before that, he worked in the television industry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Roberts lived in central and southern Taiwan From 1996 – 1998. Mr. Roberts was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University Hawaii. He speaks Latvian and Mandarin Chinese. He and his wife, Matina, have three children.

  • 中國大陸 China

楊鵬 YANG Peng


Secretary-general, One Foundation


The One Foundation, full title Shenzhen One Foundation, was registered on December 3, 2010, as an independent public fundraising foundation in China. One Foundation strives to provide a professional and transparent public service platform according to the vision of “It Starts with One". One Foundation’s strategy is for this one platform to focus on three areas, including disaster relief, children’s welfare and philanthropy development.

周茜 Joyce ZHOU


Managing Director, Cinnovate Center


Cinnovate Center is a non-profit organization derived from INTEL, dedicated to unleashing the potentials of non-profit innovation and social innovation in China. By focusing on its flagship programs, Cinnovate Initiative and Cloud NPO Platform, we strive to promote cross-sector collaboration and innovation, and to catalyze a vibrant social ecosystem in China. We live by our motto, Be the Change!

郭婷 GUO Ting

中國發展簡報  副主編

Associate Editor, China Development Brief


China Development Brief is an independent online and print publication started in 1996 to report on social development and civil society in China. It was conceived as an “information platform and capacity building tool” for China’s growing nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. It reports on nonprofit organizations and NGOs engaged in public welfare activities. It carries feature articles and interviews on topics of interest to China’s civil society organizations, and exchanges ideas on topics related to the development of China’s civil society. Quarterly issues of CDB are printed and distributed to Chinese NGOs, researchers, international development agencies, and Chinese government agencies engaged in poverty alleviation, sustainable development and social welfare projects. CDB currently has more than 47,000 subscribers to its online newsletter and 5,000 to its print issues.

吳含章 WU Han-zhang

上海科技助老服務中心 主任

Master, Shanghai Science&Technology Service Center for Ageing


Shanghai Science & Technology Service Center for Ageing is the private non-enterprise unit executive directed by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. It purposes are promoting new idea, new technology, new material in the service for the elderly, and further improving the quality of the older people’s life. It organizes “Digital Life Science Week for Ageing” every year, which is the focus of the brand project in Shanghai science and Technology Festival. Oldkids website,operated by Shanghai Science & Technology Service Center for Ageing, is the most popular website for ageing and Shanghai outstanding website.

張佳 ZHANG Jia

優酷土豆 媒體合作資深經理

Senior Manager of Media Cooperation, Youku Tudou Inc.


Youku Tudou Inc. is China’s leading Internet television company. Our mission is to become the primary source of online video content — from user-generated content and self-produced serials to licensed professional content – for Chinese internet users across all Internet-enabled devices. Youku Tudou Inc. is home to China’s two largest online video and television platforms, Youku.com and Tudou.com, and reaches a combined 80% user reach, reaching a total of 400 million unique viewers every month.


好提案工作坊介紹 Intro of Good Pitch Squared